Being brave is being afraid
. . . but doing it anyway.

. Katherine Marple

These Brief Moments: a collection of poems
These Brief Moments:
a 2nd collection
Deathly Sweet: a Type 1 collection

featured in:
No-Sugar Added Poetry
by Diabetes Hands Foundation

These Brief Moments: a collection of poems

A taste of greatness.

These Brief Moments is a promotional book of 40 poems and a two-chapter teaser for Katherine Marple's fourth book "The Dragon's Mouth." 

Filled with awe-inspiring art and words filled with imagery, These Brief Moments is a must-buy for fans of Katherine Marple and poets alike- at a great price!

"Her use of the narrative voice and first-person descriptions make readers feel as though they're reading her personal journal." - The Journal Inquirer

"Katherine Marple will be a name to look out for in the literary world for years to come." - Maria Savva (author of "A Time to Tell")

Katherine Marple is the author of three fiction novels.  She crafts stories together and enhances them with her poetry.  Peek into a life filled with hope, despair, dreams, love, heartbreak and truth.  Be inspired.

© Katherine Marple; November 2009

Me and You

copyright  © 2011 

A new destination, a  wedding to attend,
a chance encounter dividing lines in the sands.
I walked away, you followed, all the way across the sea.
I ran to hide when I saw you smile; you were orbiting me.
I kept it pure, you made it clear what your intensions were:
Honestly gaining trust, and waiting for what you deserved.

You reached in to save me from my thoughts and from myself.
You didn’t know I would also wake you from your hell
I was numb when we met, complacent within my life.
You didn’t want to fall for me, but knew that you might.
We made excuses to see each other, reasons to make you smile;
a cup of coffee, hand-picked flowers, almost crossing the lines.

 I opened up my heart and screamed, expecting you to run.
Instead, you held my hand, changed my world; I came undone.
I slowly watched as months went by, becoming used to your voice;
you told me when you fell, but never asked to make a choice.
I said I’d never be willing to let you hold my heart.
You waited, never begging; and that’s when I fell apart.

 I learned to trust, learned to cry, expanding our distance;
that arm’s length enough to strengthen my resistance.
I denied you, pushed you down and ran in the opposite direction.
You sat and waited, patient, ignoring my imperfections.
But being away from you, and the truth, turned out to be too hard;
me, with my voice and you with your guitar.

I unraveled my life, saw it crumbling around me anyway.
I hid for a while, trying to stop my hopes from fraying.
You wound up at my doorstep, celebrating my new home;
I asked you to stay; didn’t want to brave that night alone
You started to leave, my heart beating in my chest until it was sore;
I asked “come to me”, feeling right in your arms like never before.

 We stayed pure that night, but I was already in too deep and gone too far.
Me, with my voice and you with your guitar.
Running and jumping over every obstacle thrown our way
we held each other, growing closer with each passing day.
A week’s time, it was clear we would be married before long;
My best friend, your arms so safe and so strong. 

In two weeks, our first kiss pressed into the last;
A tear fell from your eye when I said To Hold and To Have.
Forever we will chase our hopes, catching each other when we fall;
My best friend, my husband, my daughter’s father, my all.
It seems funny, looking back to see where we began, so far.
Me, with my voice and you with your guitar

German for War

copyright  © 2010 

I just want to understand
but I guess you can do what you want
you've always been an independent man
even when we were on each other's sides
you didn't hear a word I said
stop telling me lies when I'm not what you want
I don't need your approval to get what I've got
I just want to understand
I want to feel considered
but you've burned me time and time again
I can play the muse, I've always been that part
but you had me in your palm and you squeezed the light out
no god will tell me what you've wanted all along
Lola, help me.
Plagiarize; don't have the words to express what I feel
Lola, help me.
I just want to feel the respect I dealt
I want to dream the hand I held bound in my fingers until the cards fell away
within three weeks, I knew all that you had said
was a lie
Tie that scarf round your lips to keep the misleading statements hidden
hide those books upon that shelf, never even been opened
never really wanted what I had to display
just another task you’ve taken
never really wanted what I had to offer
just a coward underneath your GQ face
so many dreams, such a great start
but no one to start it with
within three weeks
a first chance you finally had and threw it away like yesterday's mistake
tossed me aside like I wasn't worth your time
A burden I never even wanted
I was clear from the start and you scooped up my hopes
Never clear from the start what you wanted
every chance we took got shot down
A past we should have left in the streetlights and ember nights,
skating in the backyard ice
our shoes and socks soaked through to the bone
soaked through
soaked through
soaked through
I've spent the past five minutes writing this down
I guess I sort of miss you, but you're
just a muse
three years fizzled within three weeks time
that life you portrayed was never really mine
it was a lie
all those carefully chosen words are soaked in crimson
and they’ve soaked through
A first chance you threw away
discarded like an ace when joker’s wild
soaked in crimson

To Love a Diabetic

copyright  © 2010  

To love a diabetic is to be a doctor. It means helping her to remember her medications. It means driving her for an hour to the only 24 hour pharmacy when she’s gotten the flu and can’t take the Nyquil in the refrigerator. Or driving her to the hospital when the simple flu turns into bronchitis and her blood turns acidic.

 To love a diabetic is to be patient. It means knowing that some days she won’t feel good for no visible reason. It means canceling long term plans when suddenly she doesn’t feel well enough to go on a trip. Or waiting to go to bed while she injects her bedtime insulin.

 To love a diabetic is to be a priest. It means consoling her when she’s tired and feels like she can’t do it anymore. It means listening and not passing judgment while she tries to figure out her new dosages and makes mistakes. Or, during those tough times, listening to her burial wishes- just in case.

 To love a diabetic is to be a guardian. It means standing up for her when strangers accuse her of being a drug addict. It means discreetly asking her friends to keep an eye on her when she’s testing new medications and doesn’t know the reactions to her body yet. Or staying up with her through the night because she’s too afraid to fall asleep where a coma can find her.

 To love a diabetic is to not be superficial. It means seeing her bruises as beauty marks. It means caressing the scars across her stomach. Or kissing her dry lips when she is hooked to IVs.

 To love a diabetic is to be understanding. It means knowing that she doesn’t mean to get hot tempered when her blood sugars are too high. It means listening to her when she asks to start a family soon. Or donating time and DNA to sciences you don’t fully understand just because she asks you to and because it promises to cure her.

 To love a diabetic is to be smart. It means researching new medications even though she never asks you to. It means listening to her explain her new findings in terms that aren’t typical language. Or making her smile when she desperately wants to scream.

 To love a diabetic is to be selfless. It means going to a restaurant based off the carbohydrates menu instead of the atmosphere. It means going without dinner when money is tight because you can buy her medication with it instead. Or testing your blood sugar on her new meter to make sure it’s working properly even though you’re terrified of needles.

 To love a diabetic is to be brave. It means keeping your chin up while she talks about those scary moments. It means not allowing her medical mistakes to colour your relationship with her emotionally. Or keeping positive spirits even though all of the websites and gatherings tell you she won’t statistically make it past her 40s.

 To love a diabetic is not easy. It means putting her medical needs before any other finances. It means worrying every moment that she is properly cared for even when you can’t see her. And it means trusting her life in the hands of so many doctors who don’t understand the full complexities of the disease.

 Thank you for loving a diabetic.


copyright © 2009 

The leaves have fallen, the grains overgrown
Eyes do not lie when they see my face, but my view you no longer identify
Eras elapse with no explanation, numbed beyond recognition
I could distintuish the seasons, but nothing on your heart
Can't overlook and refuse to forget
I've waited to no avail
I'm shaking
with someone else
these days
I've lost some time, lost some thoughts
A new person you wouldn't recognize
Actions transpired, you weren't a witness
Singled out
Left behind
Dialed numbers, but forgot to connect
Pleading ropes got tangled besides
I'm shaking
with someone else
these days
How many metaphors can describe our connection
without losing its final meaning
I've lost some heart, lost some feeling
A new life you wouldn't register
I could rewrite the ache that's on my tongue
Displayed inside my thoughts, images taught to disregard
II'm shaking
with someone else
these days
I could measure the two, weigh the change
Without announcing, differences hidden underneath
Could catch the sensation, deposit it safely
without losing its final meaning
I could classify the terms, but nothing on your core
Tried to reach with no reward
I'm shaking
with someone else
these days

It's Not Just Me

copyright © 2009

The doctor says:
"A chronic disease
Injections and medicines
You'll be just fine,
don't worry."
Trying to be strong,
but I can see through
My daddy's draining his life
in front of me
My brother tenses up still
The anger shows in his face
as he chases the monster
that he can't see
My sister's eyes crease
with worry and determination;
Hope fills her to help find
a solution for my body
My mom's guilt drags her;
In words I can't explain
why she feels the burden
of my eternity
My fiance's embrace
tightens with pain
when I tell him I don't understand
or am afraid and weary
I'm killing everyone around
including myself
My body is aching
and betraying me
The doctor says:
"A chronic disease
Injections and medicines
You'll be just fine,
don't worry."

Marred Perfection

copyright © 2007

Rain creeping up,
spilling down the face
of a shredded fantasy,
nothing's real; all is pretend.

No explanation can fix the end
of the faded rainbow across the sky
that only greyed
after discovered lies.

Change is wrong, when all was so right.
Nothing deserves this, feeling so afright.
Keep telling yourself it'll be okay,
No, it won't.

'Cuz the only way to fix this mess
is to disappear.
And we all know
that's your biggest fear!

So, please
Erase all my memories
Disguise all I've been told
by thorned charms and masked pleasures

Take back
All that I've held on to.
Tear from my grasp
All that I've ever cherished.

Finish breaking my heart!

Make me forget,
steal my pain.
So, undeserved
Give it to someone else.


Erase all my memories.


copyright ©2009

Don't know what it's like to relax
My thoughts can make me speechless
they stop me in my tracks
People stare as I stand in the road
I've forgotten where I'm headed
My whole life absorbed
Don't want to know what it's like
to be alone
Don't want to see the day that you
leave me
It's so quiet when you're gone
Can't stop thinking
when I'm alone
It's not healthy to sit and wait
I know I shouldn't
watch the cigarettes burn
The smoldering ashes absorb the paper
I draw from it like you draw from me.
I know that I shouldn't
watch the cigarettes burn
I draw from it like you draw from me.

Avalanching Horror

copyright © 2007 

Tumbling down the mountain of trust,

she took up in her hands a pile of dust.

Blowing it out into the wind,

she took what she wanted and lost her friend.

Stab, twist, pull and tug,

she never could feel the power of love.

Her ability to confide

paid no mercy to her lies.

There was hatred in her friend's eyes,

Never did she see such despise.

Forgive and forget was just a game.

This friend couldn't forget such pain.

Never would she be spoken unto

unless this friend fled death like cowards do.

The best gift anyone could give

Couldn't give again for as long as she lived.

People can't take as much hurt as she thought

the biggest mistake was the largest lesson taught.

Forms of Love

copyright © 1996  I wrote this poem as an assignment in sixth grade.  I won awards and was published in a poetry collection for young adults. 
Love is a hug
Love is a kiss
Love is friendship
Love is a smile
Love is a laugh
Never take love back
Love is for anyone
Love pleases everyone
Give your heart away
Keep on smiling
Keep on laughing
Give love every day