Being brave is being afraid
. . . but doing it anyway.

. Katherine Marple

A Divided Diabetic Community

September 30, 2014 

Journalist Andrea K Martinez from NBC News Los Angeles interviewed Marple regarding her experience with a Medtronic Minimed insulin pump.

"Though I recognize that insulin pumps help many diabetics feel a sense of normalcy, my pump failures -from two separate pumps within a couple of months- make me leery of trusting a machine to manage my disease," she says.

As written in Marple's article published by Diabetes Health magazine in 2012, "While the insulin pump is a huge help for some, it is a cure for none.  I'm still asking and waiting for more."

Video interview can be seen here:

Diabetes Health article can be read here:

Insulin Allergies Are For Real : Insulin Nation

June 24, 2014

Craig Idlebrook, CEO of Insulin Nation, interviewed Marple about her experience with Lantus and the allergies that are possibly the reason why she had many negative reactions to it- some nearly costing her life.

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Type 1 Diabetes Lounge

Merle Gleeson, Founder of Type 1 Diabetes Lounge in Chicago IL, invited Marple to guest speak during a meeting in June 2014. She spoke in regards to the article "Moving Target"  published by Diabetes Health.

Read more of the article "Moving Target" on Diabetes Health website here:

Learn more about Type 1 Diabetes Lounge here:

Diabulimia Helpline Organization

Erin Akers, CEO of Diabulimia Helpline Organization, asked Marple to guest speak at their conference in Boston Mass in August 2012. She discussed living with diabetes and an eating disorder and what it now means to be a model for her young children to live by, leading her toward lasting recovery.

Read the essay she presented here:

Read the original article which Ms Akers found Marple, published with Diabetes Health magazine here:

Read the follow up article "Psychology of Diabetes and Eating", published with Diabetes Health magazine here: