Being brave is being afraid
. . . but doing it anyway.

. Katherine Marple

A Moment With Katherine Marple

Katherine Marple has been writing since the ripe age of ten. In her elementary school yearbook, she wrote simply: "I want to be an author when I grow up." She used to spend her summers reading and writing so much that her fingers grew calluses and paper cuts.

At the age of fourteen, "I even took time to bind my first books - murder mysteries, if you'd believe it- with glue and construction paper. I was so proud to see my books like 'real books.' Even now that I have six published books under my belt, nothing will ever top the feeling when I held my first 'bound' book in my hands. It was called: This is Now. It was a little misshapen and sticky... but it was mine."

Her first work was originally written as a screenplay, but was converted to novel format in 2008 for her book titled "Okay."

Her most notable work is the novel "Wretched (this is my sorry)" about a young woman struggling to control her diabetes, while juggling love and family relationships. A follow up to that fictional story is her very personal poetry compilation "Deathly Sweet: a type 1 collection."

Katherine Marple is the author of the widely received "To Love a Diabetic" poem and has a wide fanbase in the diabetic community, known for speaking about life with diabetes in its honest and gory details.

Katherine Marple grew up in Connecticut, and later in life, graduated to Massachusetts. When it was time to settle down and raise her family, she moved back to Connecticut. She travels between New York City and Boston frequently "for the love of the cities, the bustle, the people, and the magnificence of all those buildings!"

She gave birth to two beautiful little girls and wrote about her difficult pregnancies in articles for Diabetes Health magazine. She is active in the race to cure type 1 diabetes and was featured in No Sugar Added Poetry by Diabetes Hands Foundation.

She has many interests, though "I wouldn't call them 'talents.'" She enjoys serenading (badly) on her violin, attending photo shoots for modeling, singing heavy metal, fundraising for the cure of Type 1 Diabetes, writing medical magazine articles from personal experience, pretending she's fashionable, and (of course) writing many many different versions of her stories until the "voices quiet down. That's when I know I've got it right... I'm not crazy, I promise."

But, mostly, if you're looking for Ms Marple, you would find her sitting outside while reading a book or playing with her two kids. "As geeky as that may make me sound, I thoroughly enjoy my life. This is what I've worked so hard for."

* photo by Angela Dimock Photography 

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